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:: Saturday, April 19, 2003 ::

Totalitarian State versus the Twotalitarian States

There was a piece on NBC news tonight about how totalitarian regimes keep themselves in power through informant networks. But, I would like to compare this to the US which I am calling a "twotalitarian" nation since there are only two parties that rule the country with little difference between them. As well, their informant network,with an estimated 12% of the population working in intelligence gathering, is somewhat more comparable to that of totalitarian regimes than to Canada, which has almost no spy service to speak of, and other democratic countries.

Mollify religious fundamentalism, Christian or Islamic or else.

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:: Friday, April 18, 2003 ::
US Troops Kill in Mosul

Apparently, the people in Mosul don't understand that democracy is being brought to them by the barrel of a gun, and so during protests yesterday 7 or so were shot to death by US soldiers in order to make that point clear. I wonder if they understand now?

And we heard that Bechtel of San Francisco "won" the contract to rebuild Iraq's airports and other infrastructure, and it was not a fair bidding process with sealed envelopes and such. Former Reagan administator George Schulz is a part of Bechtel. This was reported on CTV's 24 hour news service.

Great little system that the Republicans have going: they bomb a place and then rebuild it with the businesses of their cronies who contribute a percentage of that contract back to the Republican Party. How mad is the world? That mad.
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:: Thursday, April 17, 2003 ::
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Patriot Act

I heard on KGO radio in San Francisco that under the new Patriot Act authorities can investigate your public library card to see what books you have been reading, and they do not have to tell you about it!

God Bless America. Land of the free?

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:: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 ::
Avoiding Armageddon

There has been a documentary special running these days on PBS called Avoiding Armageddon hosted by Walter Conkrite. It is just sad to watch and listen to Americans talk about how they have to take precautions against bioterrorist attacks and dirty bomb attacks in such a rational and serious manner. It seems like a bad dream.

Anyhow, General Garner's 32 US ministers are getting ready to start governing Iraq. It turns out Garner worked for an Israeli think tank for some time. That would just seem to prove the paranoia of Arabs that the US and Israelis are working hand in hand to destroy Arab countries.

As it was made clear on CBC Newsworld, there are differing ideas from the State Department and the Pentagon as to who should be rebuilding Iraq. Chalabi is the Pentagon's man even though the CIA is not recommending him.

As well on CBC Newsworld there was a great report by Neil Mcdonald on how the US corporate media is hyping up the capture of Abu Abbas. Although he was the mastermind behing the most notorious ship hijacking in recent memory, he is not the terrorist the US corporate media makes him up to be. He renounced violence and was even allowed to move to Israel where the Israel authorities allowed him to live in peace. It just more war propaganda and selling of the big lie which has turned life south of the border into a paranoid world of lies and deception. It kind of sounds like the Middle East itself. Perhaps we can call this period the Middle Eastification of the US.


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:: Tuesday, April 15, 2003 ::
"Anti-war is Anti-American"

This header appears above my blogspot sometimes with a link to honortheeagle.com. How disturbing that dissent and free speech are being suppressed here. Didn't Bush say after 9-11 that not to carry about in your normal way would be allowing the terrorists to win? Well, considering the impact on civil liberites in this country, the terrorists have won some ground for sure. I also find flag worshipping in the US to be very disturbing since a friend of mine who was horrendously abused by her father, who was a former air force intelligence officer, brainwashed her into honoring the flag in association with beating and raping her. Honoring the flag came to mean "keep your mouth shut about being abused." How sick is that? Now, she has severe mental problems such as multiple personality disorder (or disassoaitive disorders, if you like). How sick it is to say, "Anti-war is Anti-American"? From my experience, it is the worst of the worst of society who say this.

I might note also that blogger.com is based in Los Angeles where they have fifty-foot war propaganda around the city. There is one such display at the corner of Wilshire and Galey near the entrance to UCLA where a sexy female soldier lusts for war with stealth bombers and an eagle flying overhead with some 1984 slogan like "War is peace."

So who is ruling the day? The clearly psychotic that's who; however, during this time of war, the continuum of insanity has tilted to allow them to be seen as sane individuals. Why doesn't the American Psychological Association just announce the next 2 years of Bush's administration to be off the charts madness?

And still 70% of so of Americans support the war. I could see Bush just dragging on this state of war up to the 2004 election so as to ensure his popular support. He will learn from his father's mistake of calling it quits on the war too early. Perhpas, he will invade Syria if his support starts to wane.
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General Garner's Government, Abbas and Utilitarianism

So, today there was some bogus US meeting in Nasiriya to give the appearance of consultation in the new governing affairs of Iraq, and consequently it was protested by tens of thousands of Iraqis in the streets.

I heard on CBC Newsworld today in an interview with Ibinish (? very large, fat man who heads an Arabic group in the US) that there are 32 ministries to be put in place by the American occupying regime in Baghdad. One of those ministries will the Ministry of Information which will be headed by Woosely, former CIA director.


Ali Abbas has now become the symbol of Iraqi casualites. He's had his arms blown off by shrapnel and most of his family was killed in the war.This is just one of thousands of civilian casualties. As a symbol olf suffering he will probably get medical attention in London which is a good political move for the US and UK. However, what a life of misery that will be. What American, other than an insane one, can take pride in this war? Beating up a third world country and wasting thousands of lives.


This reminds me of utilitarian arguments that Tony Blair was using to justify the war. That by killing Saddam now, there will be fewer lives lost than lives that were lost at the hands of Saddam. It's a classic ultilitarian position: the majority will benefit at the expense of a minority.

And considering that most of our multilateral insitutions are based upon a rights based ethical system (deontological) it is really not surprising that the arguments for unilateralism would be utilitarian ones.
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:: Monday, April 14, 2003 ::
The New Normal

There has been talk of the "new normal" in American society. I found that I had to try in order to be sufficiently societally normal in Canada, and when I went to study in the US in 2000 I found most of my American friends were signicantly mentally ill, and I thought it woul dbe hard to adjust to that level of normal let alone be able to re-adjust to the new normal where paranoia, propaganda and taking joy in war rule the day.

I thought that there might be a chance to enter US society in order to influence it for the better; to make it more socially responsible. However, that seems distant now.

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This is the high level of use of idiomatic language. It can signify a significant employment of role playing in order to cope with disassociative disorders.

It is very evident in people in public relations who may be high functioning sufferers of disassociative disorders (i.e., borderline personality disorder, multiple personality disorder, etc).

And so, when watching Victoria Clarke or other US propagandists (or public relations people, if you wish) talk to the media, you are probably watching one of these sufferers.

Today in her press conference she got upset at the first questioner who asked about the "rhetoric regarding Syria" (i.e., that they have weapons of mass destruction). She said it was not rhetoric but fact. To me, it seems that she got upset at this person for calling attention to her behavior of idiomaticity. DC and LA are just crawling with these types of high functioning sufferers.

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There ought to be a war channel that just shows the horror of war 24 hours a day. Perhpas this would discourage societies from engaging in it. I have seen hardly any casualties in this war, and it is not that I am sick and want to see, but rather that if there is to be accuracy in reporting then reporters should show the destruction and horror of war.

The images that came out of South Africa to end aparthied were deliberately released in order to pressure the South African racist regime to give up the ghost.

And so, to think that news editors cleanse the war of its horror, that these people have positions of responsibility and power to change society to a peaceful path, and yet they perpetuate war, is very sad.

In the end, we just live in a military-industrial complex (as Eisenhower said) and in the end, those in positions of power answer to the dogs of war. And often, those in media have been reduced to sound bites (highly idiomatic) fitted by Madison Avenue and the idiocy of commericials.

It would seem that ther might be a counter media voice to the war by now, but even PBS does not show the carnage. On the CBC they showed the PoWs when the American shows did not, but still they sanitized the war footage. On the other hand, Al Jazeera did not sanitize the war and consequently their offices were blown up by the Americans.
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:: Sunday, April 13, 2003 ::
Being the Frontline to American Hegemony

You know, it is sick to face the American hegemony (or empire, if you wish) just 9 miles away. I can see it from my livingroom! Yech!

And I hear it on the TV and radio all the time. Since the time I was in grade one I can remember the bullying hegemony; my classmates one day were pushing each other around and me as well saying, "Hey, hey, hey. Get out of my way. I just came back from the USA." And that has stuck ever since.

But in Canada we hear the braying and bragging all the time! In professional sports it is especially painful to hear American broadcasters glow about their side. Even in school textbooks, we get the American story about Canada (often wrong) since the Canadian government has not supported its textbook publishers. I can remember from grade 3 reading about Montreal and Toronto like some sort of distant foreign place from my McGraw-Hill text even though the damn places are a part of my country.

One of the greatest differences between Canada and the US is that Canada is a multicultural society, and while some Americans do embrace multiculturalism, in the universities it is obvious that foreign cultures are there to be understood in order to be won over by the hegemony. The foreign study abraod programs are incredibly orgranized with lots of resources and contacts which put the Canadian study abroad programs to shame. These guys just have so much money!

Anyhow, Mike Weir just became the first Canadian to win the Masters golf tournament, so one more hack at the hegemony.
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The Shia Imam Hakim

I saw this on CBC Newsworld today: a Shia leader, Imam Hakim has been living in Iran since he escaped from Iraq a dozen years ago or so. He has an army of 500 of more soldiers supported by the Shia government in Iran, and he is probably the most prominent Shia holy man of Iraq. Obviously, he wants to return to Iraq with power and will be using his army to kill his competitors for that power.

And so, when people warned that toppling the Hussein regime would destabilize the Middle East, this is an emerging example of what is going to happen. And we have already seen two Imams hacked to death this past week in Najaf, one who was brought in by the US. However, the CIA's man, failed banker Chalabi, has not yet been hacked to death since his entering into Iraq. He also has returned to Iraq with soldiers. And of course, there are the Kurds and competing factions within that community for power. Doesn't this sound just like the feuding war lords in Afghanistan today or China after 1911? So, what organizations are vying for power?

PUK (Kurds who want a separate country)

DPK? (Kurds who want to stay within Iraq - US lapdogs)

Hakim (Islamic leader)

Chalabia (Business man - US lapdog)

And where are the Sunni leaders? How come there is no plan for governing Iraq laid out by the US other than the vague plans of a reconstruction committee that will secure the oil fields and return basic services to the cities? Guess Rumsfeld only gets a hard-on from destroying things, not from rebuilding them so he couldn't be bothered.
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