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:: Saturday, April 26, 2003 ::

War Metaphors

The Pedantry blog has a link to Lakoff's analysis of idiomaticity and idioms used by the Bush PR team to describe the war in terms of business etc.. This is the Gulf War II version on his 1991 speech. Lakoff is a prof of linguistics at UC Berkely and all around great guy; the Noam Chomsky of discourse in linguistics.

And what contradiction did we hear from the US government this week? That they want democracy in Iraq but they cannot have a religious government. Wow, that will show them Arabs what the West is all about. Something like Ford's "you can have any color car you want as long as it is black."

So, I heard on PBS I believe that you will hear more from the Bush admin. about bringing freedom to Iraq instead of democracy.
:: David 12:04 PM [+] ::
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:: Thursday, April 24, 2003 ::
Jay Leno's Tonight Show Propaganda

I see they have a new introduction to the show; gone is the one where they showed the landmarks of the US and now it shows non-descript places like a bus stop. I guess someone from Homeland Security thought they were advertising Tier 1 targets on their show which would make it easy for terrorists to target them. The US is just becoming like Israel, that's the short of it.

I had a very heated exchange with the head writer of the Jay Leno Tonight Show, Joe Medeiros. I accused him of being a lapdog of Karl Rove's, so he just threw insults my way in denying it. In fact, even though I had stopped writing about him being told what to write, he continued to deny it. What a borderline. Anyhow, thier manner of villifying entire peoples (France, Iraq, for example) seems to go hand in hand with how Joe does not think; he just plays with slander and libel laws.
:: David 10:06 PM [+] ::
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:: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 ::
Shia Holy Days in Karbala

Well, if the US is serious about creating a democracy then the self-mutilating Shia's who make up 60% of the country shall be the rulers. And what better group of people to give it to than some who have ritualized pathological self-destruction? Did you see the million or so people marching in the streets self-flagellating their heads and backs until streams of blood soaked their clothing while some shouted, "Death to America."

And where the weapons of mass destruction? Hans Blix offered to return to Iraq with weapons inspectors but the US refused the offer. Now, if the US does find them, there will be no credibility; people will just suspect that they were planted. I mean, they said even before the war that they had intelligence as to where they were, but if that is so, then they would have found them by now. No on is impeding them. And so, who will want to continue with America's War on Terrorism now?

David Jobson
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