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:: Friday, May 02, 2003 ::

Will Fallujah, Iraq Become Jenin, Palestine?

With more Iraqi deaths reported in Fallujah, it seems that this city may become the Jenin of Iraq. As well, just today, it was reported that an American soldier drowned when his armoured vehicle got bogged down in a ditch.

Bogged down? Maybe this a metapor for what the Americans will face in the country.

And of course, we saw the picture of Bush on the aircraft carrier yesterday where he declared an end to the major military activity in Iraq. The CBC National started the story by saying, "The meaning of imagery was unmistakable." It is funny how Bush who went AWOL in his military service is found on an aircraft carrier. If that isn't a chickenhawk, then what is.

What I hear making the rounds on San Francisco radio is Condie Rice admitting that there never were weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq, but that they did have the components for them. In fact, last week the Bush administration also said in effect that there were no WMD; they were just targeted in their communications for emphasis. That's the "big lie" at work again folks which Goebbels made famous: if you say something often enough people will believe it. And so the Bush administration has lied and lied about WMD and now it is shocking that they are admitting that there were none. I guess it's good-bye Tony Blair.

Thanks to Pedantry for the link and comments on education.
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:: Wednesday, April 30, 2003 ::
Americans Kill Protesters near Baghdad

The US is looking more and more like an occupying force than a liberating force as about 17 Iraqi protesters were shot and 40 were injureed by US troops near Baghdad.

Doesn't this just look like Israel? An occupying force in an Arab country.
:: David 2:47 PM [+] ::
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:: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 ::
Interrim Government in 4 Weeks

Well, the US said yesterday that some how a government will be put together in 4 weeks time. I guess until then it's just total chaos. That's all the news there was from Canadian broadcasters. Most of the news is taken up with SARS.

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:: Monday, April 28, 2003 ::
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Self-Declared Mayor of Baghdad Removed by US

The self-declared mayor of Baghdad was removed yesterday by US forces with charges that he was obstructing reconstruction efforts in Baghdad. He was arrested and charged. Strangley, he was a man of Chalabi's (i.e., US backed), but perhpas he actually had some sort of free will. Imagine that. Why can't the military and CIA just develop some sort of mind control program. Gee, why is it so hard? forget the body armour stuff they're trying to develop. "If only we could control their brains!" Yes, Doctor Strangelove that would be desirable.

Of course, there were the CIA backed experiments at McGill University in the 1950s and 60s under the MK-ULTRA program. Dr. Cameron was head of the American Psychological Association and director of the program. Seems that it didn't work out the way they wanted. But anyow they gave LSD to subjects at the Allen Institute there at McGill and performed brain surgery on them while awake and responding all while they were on LSD.

And back then they were just probing the cortex, not the limbic system structures such as the hippocampus, but hey, maybe some researcher can set up a nice little hippocampus probing experiment in China or some country that has poor ethical standards in the universities.
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:: Sunday, April 27, 2003 ::
Kids in the Hall Sketch

Bush's remark that Iraq cannot have a religious government in Iraq, and the Americans general approach to bring democracy to the country by bombing them, reminds me of a Kids in the Hall sketch from years ago by Dave Foley and Kevin MacDonald where Foley plays a rabid American conservative complaining about the fall of the Soviet Union since there was no more enemy and no more fear mongering. So he reminds us of the threat of killer bees and then accuses a gagged and bound MacDonald of being a communist while beating him with a baseball bat while saying, "One man one vote."

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Munitions Dump

With the scenes yesterday from Baghdad of a munitions dump blowing up in a residential suburb and the resulting demonstrations against the Americans, it just looks like Israeli occupied Palestine, but of course, the Americans are the Israelis and the Iraqis the Palestinians.

Rumsfeld is making his victory tour around the Middle East now. Maybe he brought some sarin gas with him to plant in Iraq. Are these guys going to have any credibility if they find weapons of mass destruction? But then again polls show that most Americans won't really care.
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