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:: Saturday, May 17, 2003 ::

Rebuilding Iraq

In today's Globe and Mail there was an article by Paul Knox on the US plans for rebuilding Iraq which was critical of its lack of participation with Iraqi institutions. For example, a firm in DC will rebuild the school system to "get a nationwide, 'gender-conscious, ethnically equitable' accelerated-learning program for dropouts and slow learners by the fall", a North Carolina research institure is in charge of finding "legitimate local leadership" in Iraqi communities, and a Cambridge, Mass firm is in charge of creating an "advanced medical and surgical care" system in 21 cities in 6 months!!!!!

Who are they kidding? For anyone who has worked in international development, you know that people and institutions need years and years of work and local cooperation in order to get them in place and rarely are they successful, and yet, the Bush administration is handing out these reconstruction contracts to their buddies without local support in the name of Iraq being rebuilt.

These efforts will not rebuild Iraq's medical system in 6 months or even 6 years. You Americans can expect more bs about rebuilding stories in the years and years to come. Who knows what will happen, but the first hope, that Iraqis would welcome Americans as liberators and jump to rebuilding the country in the image of America did not happen. What kind of spin would the US public settle for?

With the corporate media dominating the airwaves, nihilism on the rise in society, the paranoia of being labelled unpatriotic and a declining economy the US will fulfill all of its Bladerunner nightmares.
:: David 3:26 PM [+] ::
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:: Thursday, May 15, 2003 ::
Fire and Ice

The latest book out on Canada/US relations is out, Fire and Ice. It's the latest in keeping up with statistical analysis of differences in what direction American and Canadian society has been going as recorded in the last 12 years by the Environics polling group. The crux of the matter is that the gap between Canadians and Americans is widened greatly in the 1990s with Canadians seeing themselves believing in a more cooperative form of society (similar to European beliefs) compared to that of a dog-eat-dog/nihilistic view of society.

Did they really need 12 years of polling to tell us this? What do you expect from a country that created its wealth out slavery and exploitation. To this day, you will find millions of Americans living in squalid trailer parks and deteriorating communities where migrant workers without health care depend on gangs for justice and magical beliefs for delivery of health. The elites of the US have legislated this misery in order to have a desperate resource of people to draw from to fill the ranks of their military machine and to labour in their agricultural industry which relies on illegal immigrants to make a profit.

To my mind, the institutions that are no longer serving the US and holding it back form socially progressing as in Europe and Canada are the military and the churches which have a very solid culture of child abuse as their core. To allow these institutions to carry on without the recognition and persecution of child abuse in the next generation will significantly determine the future of the US.
:: David 9:51 PM [+] ::
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Check Pedantry for links in his comments this week to Lakoff's take on liberal and conservative discourse and why conservatives are winning the discourse battle.
:: David 12:33 PM [+] ::
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:: Wednesday, May 14, 2003 ::
Canada Gives $200 Million for Iraq Reconstruction

Great, as a Canadian tax payer I have to pay for a foreign country deciding to wage a holy war in Mesopotamia.
:: David 10:13 PM [+] ::
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:: Sunday, May 11, 2003 ::
:: David 11:57 AM [+] ::
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