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:: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ::

"So Long and Thanks for the Fish"

Well, I mean the war seemed like science fiction. Whatever happened to the MOAB bomb and the one that was supposed to knock out anything electronic? Oh, well, just gonna have to get that kind of reality from the movies.

And now, my friends, we have entered the phase of failing to meet deadlines and time tables in rebuilding Iraq. The Globe and Mail reported today that our man Bremer announced that there will be no interrim government in place at the end of this month. So now he is saying that an interrim "authority" will be constructed instead of a "government" sometime in the near future. That means less real power to this body which will probably just be a puppet regime for the Bush administration.
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:: Sunday, May 18, 2003 ::
Wag the Dog

The movie Wag the Dog was played on local TV last night. If you haven't seen it recently get it now! And get Canadian Bacon as well which deals with political startegists cooking up an enemy to boost an American president's numebrs. Wag the Dog hit home on so many points relating to the current war.

In one scene DeNiro's characted is pulled over by some government agents and asked about what his role in spreading a false news story that Albania is at war and Islamic terrorists are ready to strike at the US from Canada. DeNiro counters the agent with the specter of nuclear terrorism to justify his work. As well, he claims that since he sees it on TV (the one he helped to stage in an LA studio) that there must be a war in Albania.

And well, most of the messages that DeNiro's character puts out have already been put out by the Bush administration. First, there were the false reports that some of the 9-11 terrorist came in from Canada. It turned out that none of them did. Then earlier this year there was a warning that a named terrorist would be entering from Canada into the US to strike. It turned this named terrorist was a barber in Pakistan, thousands of miles away from North America and ankle deep in hair clippings. And of course, there were the lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Just as in the movie, Albania did not have the bomb and neither did Iraq. What a nightmare Americans are living under!

Of course these paranoid destructive games of Washington get lost in the bigger threats that loom at the heart of the US. Who cares about bad-mouthing the Canadian government when you got Islamic terrorists with anthrax running around inside the country?

Another highlight of the movie was the Hollywood producer (Dustin Hoffmann) creating a war hero, Schumann, who was trapped behind enemy lines. Well, the Iraq War has Private Lynch where we were told of a heroic rescue by all branches of the military cooperating to battle through a gun fight to save her. The truth turned out to be that there were just nurses and doctors in the hospital and that no one put up a fight against the soldiers. I hope that she is at least able to tell her story as it happened to her family without repercussions.

Then there are all the commercial tie-ins that the prodcuers of the "pageant" were concerned about:: hamburgers, a memorial, etc. Well, this real war is selling a deck of "most wanted" cards and all scads of patriotic clothing.

Finally, funny that the actress playing the President's special advisor, Ann Heche, is in real life a certified borderline personality disorder sufferer with a self-confessed child history of sexual abuse (20/20 in August 2001) and who manifests splitting and dissociative symptoms including inventing her own language to speak to aliens. This is a rather common disorder affecting 2-4% of the population, and being so common, there is no doubt in my mind that many advisors to American presidents have been just as tortured by the symptoms (which include psychosis, paranoid delusions and black and white thinking) of borderline as Ann Heche is (think of people like Perle, Wolfowitz, Cheney and Rumsfeld).
:: David 4:04 PM [+] ::
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