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:: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 ::

War and Peace or Continuum of Nervous System Damage?

Our largest forum of public discourse, you know the stuff that Blair and other liars write for newspapers, would do us better to talk not about the world in terms of war and peace, but rather in terms of a continuum of nervous system damager. That is, death would be on one far end of nervous system damage, abusing alcohol might be in the middle and living in great health on the other end.

So, do you just want peace in your society where you may still have rampant drug abuse and religious fundamentalism ? Do you want war and no drug abuse and no religious fundamentalism? etc...

The bottom line is, you kind of want to avoid things like post traumatic stress disorder in your society. You want a physically and mentally healthy society, and expressing a society in simplitic terms of either being at war or peace is not useful. In fact, the US is almost always at war, except the military definition calls it low intensity conflict.

I remember commenting to a friend in Iowa as we were finishing our master's degree that life there was very militarized (all of our friends were from military families and most of our professors). And she said, "Where? I don't see a war." And then one month later 9-11 occurred. You see, she grew up living in a more militarized country than I did; she was used to going to school with army brats and not thinking anything unusual about it. She was denying that the US is constantly engaged in armed conflict somewhere in the world. Now, she cannot deny it!
:: David 3:35 PM [+] ::
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Where's the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Story?

In major Canadian TV broadcasters such as CBC and CTV, it is not umcommon to get monthly news stories on the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on soldiers and their families. When troops returned home from the Afghan war to Canada there were stories on PTSD, and this week there is a news story on veterans and PTSD.

And on the major American TV broadcasters there is zip, nada, nothing! War is hunky-dory folks! Builds character. Strengthens one's resolve to fuck up the world (or at least the Middle East)!

:: David 3:20 PM [+] ::
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