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:: Saturday, July 19, 2003 ::


According to German Psychological Warfare which I found at Tokyo International University, the Catholic Church set up a Congretgatio de propaganda fide in 1622 by Pope Gregory XV to propogate the Catholic faith. A successor to the congregation as the College Urbanum which specialized in propaganda and was not dissovled by the Italian government until 1884. Apparently Goebbels studied the college in establishing the Propaganda Ministry. According to this eight media must be used: 1. slogans, including the spoken word (see idiomaticity) 2. symbols 3. printed matter 4. music 5. faith and superstition 6. martyrs 7. film and 8. radio.
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:: Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ::
Fight for Your Rights

A local Americanin Japan, Debito Arubuju, has become a champion of human rights issues here in his lobbying for the elimination of racial dsicrimination at bath houses, bars and other public places. He lives way out in Hokkaido which was colonized and settled by the Japanese just this century as they drove out the Ainu people.

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The Cost of the War

Pedantry has a good break down of how much the war in Iraq will cost each American household, and it is in the thousands of dollars for the military budget alone. I suppose the Pentagon thinking though is that the oil production out of Iraq will defray some of these costs, but is it worth it politically?

Canadian companies have lost out on a billion dollars in military contracts due to a new buy American clause added to how military contracts are awarded. This is in reaction to Canada not supporting the war. It is definately worth standing up for Canadian values for this.
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