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:: Sunday, September 21, 2003 ::

And now for Something Completely Different... Thots on Spelling

If you do read the Pedantry blog by Scott Maartens then you are probably somewhat interested in language and reform and perhaps even language reform.

Well, dystopic bloggers of blogsphere, right your wrongs perhaps with English spelling reform. I mean, and when I say I mean, I mean I do say, English spelling is notorious for its illogical manner. In fact, George Bernard Shaw was a leader for spelling reform earlier in the last century, and HE was a big shot playwright kind of dude (who are vegetables), so he must have known how to spell, ya?

Maybe I should know more than to ask questions at my blog since they end up being rhetorical, but is anyone interested in making the blogsphere at least one arena for written language that could use more logical English spelling?

Well here you go there in fact is a The Simplified Spelling Society.
:: David 11:09 PM [+] ::
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